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July 2014 Meeting at Penrose House, Colorado Springs

The Statewide Liaison Council’s 2014 planning meeting was held on July 11 at the beautiful Penrose House in Colorado Springs, operated by the El Pomar Foundation. Part of the day's activities was a tour of this historic house and artwork.

The meeting kicked off with members introducing themselves and highlighting some of the events and issues on their campuses. Topics included staff activates, council elections, changes in administrations and discussion of the difference between state classified staff and non-state staff.

Most of the meeting was spent in planning for the 2014-2015 year. The group set several different goals:

  1. Recruit more universities in SLC
    1. Regional reps will work with members to establish current lists of councils
  2. What does SLC actually do?
    1. Distribute our pamphlet and launch an educational campaign
  3. Raise awareness
    1. Work with regional reps and other groups
  4. Finalize and publish the SLC brochure
  5. Update the Google list to include all members
  6. Encourage campuses that don’t have a council to start one
  7. Invite each of the non-active councils to visit an active council to help them get ideas on how to run their own council
  8. Make the SLC more visible to other councils; IE: Botanic Gardens or make a professional development event for statewide classified staff
  9. Continue to improve relations with DPA (Lieutenant Governor)
  10. Web Ex recorded SLC meetings to involve more councils
    1. Bi monthly meetings
    2.  Bi annual retreats
  11. Get the various campuses to meld together and work together at the various colleges
  12. Promote
  13. Form an ad hoc outreach assigning regional reps to various councils to encourage participation
  14. Continue with legislative updates… PERA Ambassador Program
  15. Have the regional reps work within the regions to make regional meetings to meet with councils within their regions

Elections for some new officers were also held. The results were:

Agnes Romero-Moore was elected as Vice President by secret ballot.
Sarah Douvres was elected unanimously as the President
Debra DeVilbiss was elected unanimously as the Central Representative
Diane Regan is the current Northern Representative.
Patti Martinez is the current Southern Representative
Jerah Dickson is the current Secretary
Sylvia Whiteman is the current Treasurer

The next meeting will be in November at Adams State University in Alamosa.