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November 2011 Meeting at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado

Tony Frank, CSU University President and Amy Parsons, VP Operations came to greet and welcome the Statewide Liaison Committee to Colorado State University in Fort Collins. A few topics from the previous meeting were revisited, the letter to the university and college presidents and directors well as the attendance of past and future meetings. The letter was changed from a memo to an official letter and better ways to communicate with the decision makers and classified staff were discussed. The website changes were also reviewed and suggestions for future changes were presented. DPA communications were brought up again. Maria Oliveras had contacted Kathy Nesbitt, Executive Director of Department of Personnel and Administration, and sent the bylaws and a synopsis of who the SLC is, what the SLC represents and what the SLC does to Kathy's office. As a result of Maria's hard work Kathy has been added to the agenda for the February meeting at Red Rocks Community College.

There were several guests speakers at the meeting, Dennis Gatlin of PERA (above, left) provided a summary of the 2010 financial report and discussed House Bill 110-76 and 1301. We also welcomed Representatives John Kefalas (above, center) from House District 52 and Randy Fischer (above, right) from House District 53. Topics gone over with the representatives were state budget, our participation in the legislative process, House Bill 1301, senior homestead property taxes, bills to be introduced this term, health care issues, and our need for a representative to be present at HR and caucuses meetings. Our next meeting will be February 3, 2012 at Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood.