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April 2012 Meeting in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Mark Augustine, below left, was our guest speaker/facilitator at the meeting in April.Our first priority is to establish the purpose of SLC’s existence. Questions such as " Does the State Personnel Board know that we still exist?",   "What is our purpose?", and "How do we reconnect with the body that established the Statewide Liaison Committee?" were considered as well as several others. Answers discussed included: A purpose of SLC is to gather and disseminate information of classified state personnel To provide communications that might not otherwise be provided. We are in the position to provide very important information to the employees from which they can make informed decision that affect benefits, payroll, education, tuition, etc. Next on the agenda future meetings were scheduled and can be found on the Schedule & Forms page.

Mark Augustine The group working

SLC President, Vice PresidentSlC


Glenwood SpringsElections were held, with the following results:

Vice President – Joseph Martinez was voted as Vice President for a second term.
Secretary – Velma Parker was voted as secretary for a second term.
Southern Representative – Jeff Cook was voted asSouthern Representative for a second term.
Northern Representative – Leslie Dawson was voted as Northern Representative.
Western Representative – Diana Rigin indicated an interest in becoming the Northern Representative but decided to discuss with the FRCC/LC staff council before accepting. 
Parliamentarian – It was decided the President would appoint a parliamentarian per meeting depending on the need for that meeting.  That person would be allowed to participate in the discussion and also allowed to vote and will ensure order for the good of the Council by interpreting and applying the rules.

Next the SLC's committees were discussed.

Legislative Update Committee: Leslie Dawson, Chair; Sheela Backen, Joni Crist, Deb Dahlstrom, Rick Fox, Jay Demore.
Outreach to Higher Education and Public Relations Committee: Diana Regin , Chair; Sylvia Whiteman, Rose Johnson, Jeff Cook.
Communications and Website (list serve) Committee: Joseph  Martinez, Chair; Maria Oliveras, Michael Stadler.
DPA/Personnel Board:  Maria Oliveras, Joseph Martinez, Sylvia Whiteman

Each committee determined a leader. The role of the leader is to:

  • Keep the goals moving forward and on time
  • Delegate items to distribute workload
  • Communicate back to the larger SLC leadership and the whole committee
  • Recruit new members
  • Follow-up on duties to meet deadlines

Finally the Bylaws were discussed and a change agreed upon. An item was added under the Standing Rules to help clarify duties: "G. In collaboration with SLC Vice President, provide formal invitations to relevant interested parties for formal interactions with the council." The next meeting will be July 27, 2012 at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction, Colorado.