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November 2012 Meeting at Colorado State University in Pueblo, Colorado



Rick Kreminski

Leroy Garcia









Dennis Gatlin

Rick Kreminski (left), Interim Provost at Colorado State University welcomed SLC to the Pueblo Campus in November 2012. He discussed the campus and described it as having about 5,000 students of which 30% are Hispanic, and 40% of whom are classified staff. The classified staff at Pueblo are involved in numerous committees that benefit the Pueblo community. They are also involved in several fundraising events for scholarship funds to benefit the community.

Leroy Garcia (center left), member of the Pueblo City Council, candidate for House District 46 was next to speak. He is also an instructor at Pueblo Community College. Mr. Garcia spoke about some of the projects he is currently engaged to make classified staff more a part of what drives the college campuses.

Rod Skyhoff, President of Chamber of Commerce was scheduled to speak to the group but was unable to attend. Phyllis Zamora from the Chamber attended in his stead and discussed the activities that occur in Pueblo.

SLC also welcomed back Dennis Gatlin (bottom left), Director, Field Education Services Division, CO PERA who provided the following statistics to SLC:
• 60.4 average age at retirement
• 24.9 of service credit
• Oldest retiree is 106 years of age
• Oldest benefit retiree is 99 years of age
• Less than ½% of the fund balance to administer PERA, $29 million to administer $40 billion fund
• 60% investments are in-house

Source of Money in PERA Trust Funds (past 30 years)
Members' Contributions: 18%, Employers' Contribution: 18%, Investment Income: 64%

PERA's Transparency
• PERA is audited by KPMG. This year this company who is selected by the State Auditor, reported that PERA had no material weaknesses in PERA's internal control, accounting policies, and practices, and there were no recommendations. Findings are reported to the Legislative Audit Committee.
• All Board meetings are public, agendas has time set aside for public comments
• PERA reports annually to the Joint Finance Committee, Joint Budget Committee, and Legislative Audit Committee of the Colorado General Assembly.
• PERA's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) is used as a model for other public pension plans

PERA Coming Attractions
Blog: the Dime, Facebook, Video library on the website, Paperless opportunities, Federal Health Care Reform (affordable Care Act)

Steve Nawrocki, City Council Pueblo, CO, graduated from CSU Pueblo in 1968 gave an update, followed by Paul Boni, CO WINS, Ex officio, President. In the past year, he met with the governor twice, the 2.5% PERA contribution was returned, and fully funded health care. Highlights in Personnel System Reform included bumping rights, new pay system–Mark Farrintino and Amendment S (passed Senate and House, Governor signed as well).

DPA Personnel Board–Joseph Martinez and Maria Oliveras–DPA will attend out next meeting at Red Rocks. Sabrina DeAgusta indicated that all the different councils should communicate any issues to Statewide Council Meeting. The President and Vice President will present these issues to DPA.