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About Proscar

Proscar has been tested and has proven to be one of the best solutions for male pattern hair loss. Following the two-year clinical trials of individuals taking Proscar, 5 out of 6 or 83% of men, maintained the same hair count as when they started the clinical trial (verses 28% on a placebo).

As well as 2 out of 3 or 66% of men, experienced new hair growth in areas where hair had been lost (verses 7% on a placebo).

Most men during the two-year clinical trial reported an increase in the amount of hair, a decrease in the amount of actual hair loss and a overall improvement in their general appearance. In addition, 80% of physicians in the clinical trials stated that individuals taking Propecia hair loss had improved (verses 47% on a placebo).

As these results show, Proscar is efficient in battling male pattern hair loss and provides a safe solution.

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Prevent Hair Loss with Proscar

Hair loss is a very common problem in men and also a reason of embarrassment for them. The loss of hair slowly leads to baldness.

One loses his charm and attraction. The hair loss is the problem faced by males around the world. The males have more tendencies of losing hair than woman.

The loss of hair on the head is a pain as one loses most of his charm. As per many researches, a woman finds male men with good growth of hair as more attractive than the ones with less hair growth. Thus the hair on the head is one important factor to attract any girl towards him.

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For the problem of hair loss and baldness in males, a new revolutionary medication has been designed after years of clinical research. This drug is called as Proscar. This drug is very effective and is also an approved. It has been seen that out of 3 men, 2 men had good results after the regular usage of Proscar.

The results show in minimum of three months after regular usage of the product. The product blocks the dihydrotestosterone which in turn stops the process of hair loss in men.

Effectiveness of Proscar

  • The drug is available in the forms of pills and can be taken easily after referring your doctor for the pills.
  • The pills are available in most of the countries and it can be bought over the internet.
  • The pills are very effective and start showing results in few months. The maximum time these can take is of 12 months.
  • If one misses a dose of the pills, then he should compensate it by having extra pill with the next dose.
  • The doses and the instruction of taking the pills are mentioned. The pills don’t have severe side effects. In some cases it might lead to decrease in desire for sex or even irregular ejaculations.
  • The pills don’t cause any kind of allergies, but if they do then the doses should be stopped and a doctor should be consulted.
  • The pills offer great results and the hair fall process stops in 3 months if the pills are taken as directed and regularly.
  • For the males who have bald spots, the pills have reported that the bald spots area has decreased.
  • The hair fall is also reported to have decreased after the pills have been taken. There was a study conducted which resulted that the men which did not take the Proscar drug lost hair and the males who took the pills had a major downfall in the number of hair lost due to hair fall. People consider using shampoos and chemical treatments as the reasons for hair fall but the medical study shows that the main reason for hair fall is only hereditary and is not due to external factors.
  • Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) makes the hair follicles to become thinner and reduce the number of hair follicles. Thus after some time it creates bald spots which are embarrassing for any male.

Important Precautions. Proscar Precautions

If you are planning on taking Proscar then there are several Proscar precautions you should be aware of. Be sure to tell your doctor if you have liver disease, liver failure, food allergies, dye allergies, preservative allergies, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Proscar precautions should also include telling your doctor about any medications you are currently taking including both prescription and non-prescription medications. In addition, you should tell them any vitamins and herbal supplements you are taking.

Warnings and Precautions You should be aware that Proscar has been labeled a pregnancy Category X medication by the FDA. This means that the drug can be dangerous if you take it during a pregnancy. You shouldn’t take Proscar if you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant.

Additional Proscar precautions should be taken for individuals who have liver problems including any form of liver failure such as hepatic failure. Before taking Proscar these individuals should talk with their healthcare provider since Proscar could build up in the system of these individuals.

Proscar precautions also dictate those who shouldn’t take this drug. If you are allergic to Proscar, Finasteride or any inactive component of these medications then you should ask your healthcare provider or pharmacist for alternative treatments. To be sure you have no allergies you should request a list of all inactive ingredients in the drug from your healthcare provider or pharmacist.